Welcome to my portfolio. Hi, my name is Sophal Heng and I am a reviewer. I started off my internet journey as a marketer, also known as a promoter back in the Netscape, AOL, Yahoo, and when the Internet Explorer was the only browser everyone felt safe using.

These days, they have broken the marketing field into niches because everyone has an interest that they enjoy more than others and since the internet has grown exponentially, so have the target audience.

I have a lot of interest that can broaden my niche-splaining experience, but I want to narrow it down to my passion for sharing what I am more experienced in. The niche includes Work From Home, book, and product review.

Work From Home

As someone who has been working from home as a freelancer for twenty years, I want to share tips and tricks with you, the audience. Not only will I share suggestions on how to make remote work more comfortable, but I will also share resources to help you earn and make money online.

Here are some of my popular articles you can check out.

Book Reviews

My review will include the plot, character development, who is this book good for, the writing pace, and storyline. The stuff that makes a book great from a reader’s perspective. While most reviewers aim to help the writers with their craft, I aim to introduce new readers to your work.

Keep in mind that the genre that I will focus on will fit the niche that I am interested in, which includes:

Please select the packages that I have enlisted on the page and if you have any questions, ask me anything.

The days listed are just an estimate depending on how many projects will be in the queue. Most likely I will deliver the reviews a lot earlier than the days expected.


If you are choosing the extra gig of YouTube exposure, I planned the video drop for book reviews will be on the weekend as I edit Friday nights.

Product Review

If you cannot tell already, I am part of the consumer focus marketing. I want to help buyers understand the product and I also want sellers to understand what buyers need from a buyer’s perspective. Not everyone shares the same interest, which is why my product review will be a focus on the most important elements.

Who needs this product?

What is it good for?

Is it user-friendly?

Is it worth the price?