After months of contemplating what I want to use this website for, I have decided to turn this into an exclusive lifestyle blog.

I forgot how nice it was to write my thoughts and share something relatable. I was too involved with writing what everyone wants. There are a lot of ‘no one wants to know about your personal life’ writers out there. I thought I was being polite in this new era of writing by following the rules.

That’s when I realize that I don’t do well playing by the rules and I am not a journalist, so why bother following the rules?

Having an opinion and sharing my daily thoughts will not get me in trouble with the law, so here I am! Ready to write and share my daily experience.

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is a blog curated based on the author’s interest. I am looking to do more digitally, so I wanted a place to share daily tidbits that will include my writing update and daily writing samples.

Some of the things that I am interested in sharing will be topics of:

  • Retro fashion and theme
  • Gaming
  • Life hacks
  • My cat’s story
  • There may be other things as my interest in sharing new products with you in case it is something that may you.

Social Media Presense

I may be cutting down on some social media hopping and focusing on the platforms that work best for me. Regardless of what anyone else has to say, I believe Facebook and Twitter is the top place for my type of sharing. It has an audience with that I enjoy connecting.

I believe I have tested all the platforms that have come into existance and I think its time to start deleting my name off some that is nothing but useless.

To be honest, I do not remember how many sites I have signed up for, so I am going to run through my emails for them. I don’t want my presense on any platform that I am not using. I’ll keep this updated.

Want to know more details on yours truly, I have created a FAQ section because if you are planning on working with me on any projects, let’s cut to the chase to see if we will be a great fit.