About the writer section is where you will find the information on Sophal Heng, her interest, and what to expect from her thought process.

Content Creating

Creating content, whether is writing stories, sharing opinions verbally or visually; is a thing I enjoy doing. Not only is it a great stress reliever, but it is also a great practice to do a knowledge transfer. I do not have a problem with oversharing because what exactly is oversharing?

Creating content is one of my passion. I am someone who has a lot of ideas and introducing them to the public is always a wonderful feeling. It would surprise you at how many people have confronted me about how much my advice and suggestions have helped them when they need clarity to some questions that have.

While some information I presented may not be for everyone, it is helpful for some. That small number means a lot to me because everyone, regardless of numbers, matters.

Content and Product Reviews

Content and product reviewing because, why not?

Product reviews have been around for a very long time. We practiced most through word of mouth, especially through friends and families. With the help of new-age technology and social media, it is easier to get reviews out to a larger audience.

Some blogs and vloggers focus on a general review idea call niche. Unfortunately, I am not a niche person but I am someone who uses a lot of products that is good for everyday usage.

Therefore, my reviews will be on basically everything! If you are interested in a non-niche product review website, welcome! Hang around!

Personal Balance

Wife, full time employed, and freelancer. Finding a balance is the best challenge!

I guess this is the part where I share a little personal information about myself since this is my blog and I will share daily journals on this site along with topics for everyone.

Humanizing the writer and adding a personal touch for my readers will not only allow everyone to get to know me but to build a rapport and trust between us.

As mentioned up above, I am happily married for ten years, and along with my work-from-home lifestyle; I am currently employed at a physical location for a company that I do not own.

We need balance to stay sane with so much going on, and I tried to balance in different ways to find the perfect strategy. This is what I am good at. Finding different ways to make things work, then share the strategy and routine with anyone who is interested in trying it out.

With so many people working from home now, I am going to focus on habits and balance. If you are someone looking for fresh ways to create routines and get out of a rut, stick around. You will not be disappointed.

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