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Another Day, Another Blog | Thoughts

Another Day, Another Blog | Thoughts

Yes, another day, another blog.

I am planning on when I will update my blog again after the last post I published. I sounded so happy and ready for something new, only to find out right after posting the blog I had lost the baby.

In Case You Missed It

People tell me I should never have announced it so soon because the chances of losing a baby in the first trimester are typical. It is normal.

That is a sad way of viewing life if you ask me.

Then I went to find statistics on miscarriages in the first trimester, and I read that it is 80 percent very likely that it will happen.


If pregnancy is becoming so rare, why bother with abortions? No, that was a serious question. It will happen anyways. You might be the unlucky one to carry a pregnancy.

But don’t let my pain rain on your parade. It is not my first rodeo. I should have stayed jaded in my world. Miscarriages are becoming a norm. I do not expect anyone to understand how I feel about things. That’s why I do what I can to blog out my thoughts.

My blog was created to help sort out my feelings, thoughts, and life.

A Month of Healing

I was definitely under the weather after the incident. The baby weight stayed with me, which made me 40 pounds heavier. I am still trying to shake off the weight but in due time. It will happen eventually.

I wanted to start writing or working again after the sleep spell. I am a lot better now. I can tell you that.

I am eating well. I have cut out rice from my diet and will lean more towards a higher protein and fiber diet. If I can shed at least 20 pounds with no issues, I will gladly share the routine I am working on.

If you still want to know anyways, hit me up. You know I love sharing.

Creating Contents Again

I am ready to start getting back into my creative self, not just writing. I want to rebuild my YouTube channel and stream some games. I am doing it because I like the games I play, and if I can use my gameplay to practice editing videos as a future project, I am all for it.

I started streaming again last night and made it to five hours.

I wasn’t surprised since it was a game that I enjoyed.

Imagine playing something you dislike. Oh, the days would drag so severely.

Well, that is all for now with my blog. I will be doing a daily update to keep myself writing. I do have other topics that I discuss on this website. Take a look around. Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Until then, I will talk to you soon.

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