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Earn through blogging by Sophal Heng. Find out how. Check out some of the information that I found and want to share with you.

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Earn through blogging and how? That is a question that should have answers. If you are starting a blog today, you are lucky. When I started getting into blogging and publishing, it was in the early 2000s, so I had to go through trials and errors.

I had no mentor, but I did what I could, made mistakes, and learned from it.

Today, we have a lot of people interested in sharing information that they have learned. With the knowledge that I have, I always feel like I need more. This is not a field of work that is stable because you must adapt to change very quickly.

If changes overwhelm you, then blogging is not for you.

The change includes:

  1. New monetization programs
  2. Changes to your old monetization programs
  3. New companies popping up from left to right
  4. Internet Terms of Services (TOS)
  5. Legal Policies
  6. Culture

Not everything you learned about blogging three months ago is going to be the same three months later. You must play with what society has to offer to stay up to date. Therefore, I make it a habit to search for new ways to earn money through blogging.

As I was searching, I came across this blog that I want to share because there is some information that I have never encountered.

It’s 2021 and you’ve decided you want to make money from blogging, but you don’t know how. You’ve tried your hardest to reach out to brands but none of them have got back to you (this happens to all of us) and you’re about to give up. Then you see this post on your reader […]

How to Make Money From Blogging

There were some great tips as to how you can make money on your blog. My suggestion is to keep it at a level where you are comfortable. Never jump out of your comfort zone.

If you are not a salesperson and placing yourself in that lifestyle makes you uncomfortable, then do not sell anything. I am not a salesperson, so I refuse to build a website around pushing a sales quota for myself.

I do enjoy reviewing products and sharing my thoughts, which is basically what I do online for money. I test out products, review them, and point my audience to the products which will be embedded with an affiliate link.

Anytime the audience clicks and purchases, it will not cost them extra because I earn a commission for sharing the links with you! In other words, I get payments for referring.

The writer of that post mentioned many things that involve selling, so I will not get into that. You can click the link to read more and read her thoughts in their entirety, but I do want to go over one of the points.

Working with Brands

I have never worked with brands before. I have heard of brand deals when I was dedicated to my YouTube channel, but I have never heard of collaborating with brands to get paid work for your blog.

My inquisitive mind went into overdrive. Besides the suggestions to join GetBlogged, I found some more posts about working with brands.

Check Out These Articles:

Collabs 101: How to Get Brands to Notice Your Blog

How to Find Brands to Work with as a Blogger

Blog Branding: 10 Inspiring Examples

20 Example Blog Media/Press Kits for Your Inspiration

The best information that I learned from this is the Blog Media Kit. I know when I have signed up for some work, the question of how many followings do you have kept coming up. I was always stuck because I couldn’t remember, so I am always searching and doing some math or estimating. The blog media kit makes sense. It is basically a blogger’s resume which is new information and very useful for future project deals.

I will be adding my media kit to my Portfolio, so stay tune to that!

I hope the pointers from all the posts that I have shared were helpful to you and your blogging journey. Until next time, I will chat with you later.

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