Stay at home and make something with your time.

Yes, that is me. 

I never like to stay still. I have a ton of planners because one is not good enough. I write down my plans, goals, and daily reminders. This way I can go back to see all of my accomplishments. 

I do not dismiss my failures. I would go over it and figure out how I can avoid it next time. That is the best way to discover who you are and help you grow. That is also one of the reasons I have begun to rebrand myself.

I want to share ways to work on who you are and help you fixate on your strength while avoiding negative thoughts.

Get To Know Me

Q. What’s Your Name?

Hi there! I am Sophal and I will be your host on this site.

Q. Where Do You Live?

I am currently living on the outskirt of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hoping to one day move out to the mountains. I am young enough. It will happen soon.

Q. What Camera Do You Use?

If I am not using my Nikon D5600, I am shooting my shots using the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Q. How Did You Start Your Blog?

This blog was started recently and it began as a work portfolio. It is still a work portfolio in which I share my writing samples for anyone who wants to work with me.

Q. What Are Your Tips For New Bloggers?

Do not get discourage. Blog your passion. If you are in it with the mindset of making a quick buck, then you will be truly disappointed. Start off writing about things you know you love. Leave all the designing and keyword plugins out of the equation first. Build your blog, share it, and find your sweet spot. Someone out there will embrace your thoughts and want to hear more. Blog about your life, your interest, and your hobby. You will be surprised at how many people will appreciate it.

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