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What to Write About

If you are here, you are looking for inspiration for your first blog post and what to write about. That is the first thing anyone looking to start a blog would do. I am here to help you get through it without overthinking things.

After many years of ghostwriting and creating content that never seems personal, I want to draw out a plan for you from a reader’s perspective.

I read a lot of blogs daily. That helps stimulate my thoughts and helps me come up with ideas. That should be the first thing you should be doing because reading successful blogs can help you create a fail-proof blogging plan.

Introduction Page

Every blog should have an introduction page, so you do not have to keep repeating yourself about who you are or what your blog represents. This also ensures that you can jump right into blogging about the topics that you wish to introduce to your audience.

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Is this a personal or a business blog?
  2. Do you have a niche in mind?
  3. What are your goals for your blog?
  4. Who are you writing for?
  5. What is the purpose of your blog?

The answer to those questions should lie on your introduction page. You can even create a FAQ page to answer any questions your reader has or if you want to be transparent.

Niche It Out

Do not pick a niche that is popular because you will get bored, or you will run out of ideas quickly. Then your blog will become a chore and you will give up writing together. Write about something that you love to talk about and want to share.

Just remember that if you enjoy this topic, there are millions of others who are probably interested in it too. No one is alone when it comes to a particular interest. Even fetishes have a community. Keep that in mind.

Proper Hosting

You can write out a post but if you are using a free blog site, you will not rank properly. If you are looking to monetize, I can tell you from experience that most companies will not accept you into their monetization program unless you own the website.

If you are new, I would suggest using GoDaddy because it is easier to use for beginners. You can begin using GoDaddy as you are starting off and once you feel comfortable, you can migrate your site to a WordPress site and another hosting.

Affiliate Marketing

If you haven’t noticed, there are many links found on my website. This site is self-paid and using an Affiliate marketing link is one way to pay for this site and keep it running. Not only is it a good way to get paid, but it is also a good way to help you focus on what to write next.

For example, if you are writing about helping other people blog, such as this article, you’d want to introduce everyone to products that you believe in. By joining a certain affiliate program, you can research the companies that are connected to these programs that are within your topic or niche just to see what will work for you. If it works for you, it will work for your readers.

Remember that readers will trust you more if you are genuine.

I would only introduce people to what I have already tried or am very familiar with. As for Affiliate Marketing, I would recommend signing up for FlexOffers for so many reasons. There are many great brands in this affiliate program that I trust.

Join FlexOffers

Research Hot Articles

What do I mean by hot articles? You can search the title that you plan on using. There will be many articles that will populate but you want to make sure you are checking out the articles that are not paid. You can tell they are paid listings because they will have the ad sign next to the headlines.

Check out those populated articles for ideas and see why it is ranked highest for your search and you want to use them as an inspiration. Do not plagiarize. If you found some interesting ideas in that post, you can use them but add new thoughts to them. You want to make sure if you are reusing the information, you add something useful to it.

Reusing information has been used by all content creators and bloggers.

Plan Your Content

I used to write everything down on paper because I am old fashion. I love jotting my thoughts down in a planner. The only problem is what I write down on paper cannot be shared on social media the minute I hit publish.

I can also use my free Calendars on my laptop but again, it does not share my posts when I schedule my post.

If you are busy and you are like me, you’d be scheduling your posts. I found it easier to use a scheduler such as Sprout Social. You can try it out for 30 days by signing up for the standard account which includes:

  1. 5 social profiles
  2. All in one social inbox
  3. Publish, schedule, draft, and queue your posts
  4. Social Content Calendar
  5. Review Management
  6. Profiles, keywords, and location monitoring
  7. Tasking and social CRM tools

It is a great way to get started and if you need more social profiles to connect with Sprout Social, there are other plans to consider.

So, What Should You Write About?

As mentioned above, kick off your introduction page so you do not have to repeat yourself repeatedly in your article. This way, you can begin creating the content that you want to share.

I started my blog a long time ago as a Freelance writer, so I never had a personal blog. My writing was always a work for others. This is my first personal blog and I want to use it in a personal way. Hence, the personal blog route.

In my personal life, I am always running into questions from friends and family about making money online and they value my takes on new programs and software. I’ve decided to take advantage of that situation by sharing what I know. At first, I figured I would post up everything I know to refer my friends and family back to an article I wrote instead of having them repeat the same questions.

This should be something you should consider.

Take advantage of the questions that you get every day from those close to you. They are asking you these things because they value your opinion. If you get a lot of relationship question, then you know your thoughts on relationships is valuable. If people ask you questions on purchase ideas, start a product review site. Consider these methods and use them to your advantage.

This may be your niche and you did not know it.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this post was helpful. I do hope to help you create and build the perfect blog, along with sharing some very useful tips and information on many different parts of your life. If you are new here, browse around. I made this site very user-friendly because life should not be so complicated.

Thanks again for stopping by and if you would love to keep updated, don’t forget to subscribe to your newsletter.

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