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Well, hello! I’m Sophal.

Nice to meet you and I am so glad that you are here. I’ll be your host for the day, so please! Have a seat and get comfortable. I am sure there will be something on this website for everyone. If not, let me know. I will talk about it because any conversation is good conversation.

I share my life with my husband, Brian. We have been together for three years before we decided to get married. Altogether, we have been together for fourteen years. We do not share children together but we do have two cats, Atreyu and Halo; and Bugsy our Bearded Dragon.

Type Talk

I was going to add personality discussion on this blog but I wanted to keep that niche separate from my professional and personal conversation. Personality typing is a different conversation all on it’s own.

As an ENTP, I am always researching different ways to communicate with people while keeping an open mind that personality can differ based on people’s upbringing. It still do not negate the way people communicate.

If you are into behavioral analysis or psychology, feel free to check out the dedicated blog that I created just for it.

Always a City Girl

I am the first generation American in my family. We arrived to the United States as refugees from the war in Cambodia. If that is something that you would love to hear more about, please let me know. I was a baby born in the refugee camp but my late father gave me all the history and his first account of the war.

Living in the United States, I had the opportunity to educate myself in many field from Criminal Justice to my current major in Communication. I did not start my education at a four year University. I took the trade school route and became a certified Paralegal and Computer Programmer.

As the spouse of a Veteran, we moved to different parts of the country in a short period of time, which taught me to keep up with deadline effortlessly. It also taught me to adapt to new environments and employments fairly quickly. I became very resilient.

If it did not work out, it’s okay. Another opportunity is right around the corner.

We were lucky to have stayed within the United States because moving out of the country would have been such a hassle to move. If you travel a lot, you should understand that custom is not the best when it comes to animals.

I will continue to overshare throughout my published writing, so I will not keep you here. Feel free to browse around and let me know what you think. I appreciate any feedback or even suggestions or request on any topic.

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"Free your mind and the rest will follow. Stay color blind, don't be so shallow." - En Vogue

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