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Disclaimer: Sophal Heng is my personal blog created and maintained by myself. Most of the advices and suggestions are opinions and should never replace expert opinions or professional advices. Please understand the difference between personal opinion and expert opinions especially when it is affiliated with medical and legal terminology.

I started this blog to share a portfolio of my writing. Later I believe it would be easier to create a personal space that will showcase both my work and who I am.

As a Communication major, I have decided to switch my career and focus on writing. It is time to follow my passion and quit daydreaming. The daydream has been 15 years too long.

I write about everything from product reviews to personal life blogging.

These are things that I enjoy reading when I am searching for a lifestyle blogger. I figured if these are things that I find interesting, I should add that to my blog.

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"Free your mind and the rest will follow. Stay color blind, don't be so shallow." - En Vogue

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