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Paying to research Affiliate Market Programs by Sophal Heng. Find out how I earn extra income to fund my Affiliate Market projects.

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How am I paying to research an affiliate market program?

During the pandemic, I was one of the lucky few who gained capital. I decided I was going to build up my credit and begin working on my online business while running a business IRL. In the process of building my credit (because unlike most people, I never owned a credit card nor have I ever run up a debt) so I had to start with opening up credit lines.

With these credit lines, I have to spend and pay it back to have a record of good credit usage behavior. These are things that I never did in my thirty years, so it’s brand new.

One of my problem is, I do not know what to spend on.

Yeah, I wanted nothing.

That’s when I told myself that I will use these credits to test out products found throughout the affiliate marketing networks. This will give me leverage on testing out the product as opposed to just writing about it.

The best review comes from someone who ‘tried’ it, right?

But first, let me introduce you to how I earn extra money to build up my credit. Having a full-time job is helpful, but having extra income to supplement it is the best feeling.

Surveys That Work

Ironically, I started off filling out surveys to help with my deposits for the secured credit card, which we will get into. While I am working, I could work on many surveys and earn extra money. Enough to put into the credit card and continue paying it as I go.

I never had to touch my paycheck to pay off my debt. Here are the surveys that paid my bills.


Qmee is a great survey site if you want to make a quick buck without a withdrawal limit. You can withdraw your currency in pennies, unlike most survey focus sites. I have withdrawn a penny at one point. There is no fee to withdraw or penalty, but your only banking source with them is through PayPal.

Within two months, I made enough money on Qmee to start my first process of credit building with Self Lender, which was $25 to start but $100 in the saving process to receive a credit card. More on that.

Surveys will always be a hit and miss, but Qmee makes it easy for the system to identify the perfect surveys for you. All you have to do is finish your profile and keep it updated. Most of the time, I never get denied, but they have rejected me because of enough participants.

Some other ways to earn money on Qmee includes:

  • Cashback
  • Deals
  • Oinq Streaks
  • Pop Quiz
  • Referral

Their rules are enforced tremendously with handling your account. If they found out you have a duplicate account (which is prohibited), they will ban you from using their services again. Customer service is not that great, so overall, as long as you do not have any questions about your account, this is a magnificent site to use and earn extra income.

Inbox Dollars

Although InboxDollars has a withdrawal limit when you first started, they have membership tiers where you can start withdrawing at a lower amount along with many other incentives.

You can request payments like gift cards, Visa, PayPal, and even Amazon. Personally, I always go between Amazon gift cards and PayPal. With the Amazon Gift Card, you can get your code fairly quickly. As for PayPal, it may take a week to go through, but it will legitimately make it to your account.

There are many ways you can earn money. I haven’t been using InboxDollars as much as I used to, but I still make about $90 a month through referrals and other means. The surveys suck, though. You get denied more than any other survey sites I used. The best way to make anything through InboxDollars is the offers, games, and paid emails.

Other ways to earn money:

  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Watch videos
  • Coupons
  • Magic Receipts
  • Search
  • Games
  • Refer a Friend
  • Scratch-Offs
  • Questionnaires
  • Billy Button to find savings while browsing
  • Winit redemption

Google Opinion Rewards

There are no referral incentives for Google Opinion Rewards that I know of, but I still want to introduce you to it.

I had my Google Opinion Reward account for a while. I started focusing on it less than a year ago. It is great to have up if you leave your house a lot. You will receive a survey about locations you either passed by or visited. The survey is not long. It basically asks if you shopped at a certain place and if you have receipts. If you do not and let them know, it will not disqualify you from being incentivized.

The pay comes in the form of Google Play money. Do not let that discourage you because some apps on the Google Play Store do take this form of payment. It is good to have around if you want to try out new apps, purchase a book to read or rent a movie through Google.

Surveys on the Go

Besides the fact that this is a great survey site to earn extra income, the one thing I love about SOTG is their customer service department. This is a deal-breaker for me. They are very quick to help and prompt action. They know it is your money and your account, so why make it hard for you to get answers when you have questions.

I found SOTG last year and have been using it since. Rarely have I been denied any surveys. The other thing that is great about this is the extra mission they give you such as product reviews. I have been part of a few of these projects which pay higher. Anywhere between $10-$40.

You can redeem your award once you reach your $10 threshold.

Payment comes in the form of Amazon Gift Card, Visa, Starbucks, and PayPal. I personally always cash out using Amazon since I shop there a lot.


I am just your average person running around testing new ways to make money. Forgive me when I say I am still learning the difference between crowdsourcing or any label for people who uses sites like MTurks.

Regardless of that knowledge, MTurks is a great place for anyone who enjoys doing research for companies on pennies. Of course, there are jobs that pay as high as $10. The jobs come in form of research and surveys.

The owner of the gig must approve your earning which can take days and even weeks. If you do enough jobs within that week, you may be surprised when your payment was approved for a rainy day. There were times when I did not work on the site for two weeks and I see $20 sent to my bank account from Amazon. That does not sound like much but heck, it always adds up.

Keeping Track

If you are anything like me, having something to keep all the finances and work accounts at your fingertip is important. I like watching numbers grow. I also like it when my applications help me find more ways to supplement my income. Lucky for you, I have one out. Check it out.

Steady App

I was introduced to the Steady app through InboxDollars and have been using it ever since. These are the features that I enjoyed and surely, I know you will, too.

Income Tracker

Not all banks will work with the Steady app, which is why I use more than one service. I like that their money tracker shows you how much you earn weekly and it gives you a graph of earnings between each week. This is a great motivator to try to make more money.

Things I love includes:

  • See what jobs make you the most money
  • Snapshot of your monthly income
  • Easy to setup
  • Safe and secure


Boosters are what Steady App calls their cashback offers. Most of these offers can be found on sites like Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks, so if you already signed up for these offers with your personal information, more than likely, the offers will become useless.

I rarely use the Booster on Steady App but if you signed up for the Steady app before any sites that includes cashback offers, this is a great place to start your first cashback offer program.

Find Work

Steady App lists many gig jobs that are made available remotely and in your area. This can be helpful for anyone looking for a side hustle.

The Steady app is a free service, but they do offer a premium subscription. If you would like to know more about that, check them out. The app is available on both Android and iOS for download.

Join Steady App


Now that you know my financial startup and budgeting setup, you can use it any way that you like. Having these systems in place not only helped jump my credit score from 420 to 616 in a few months, but it also kept my finances on track and help me build this website.

My next articles will help anyone who wants to begin their business blog and the tools any business need to be successful. Stay tuned and do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter for updates!

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