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Personal Statement

As a consumer, first, I love sharing the things I purchased so that others can be well-informed when looking for something to buy. It is disingenuous when people feel like only experts or professional writers should be the only people trusted when it comes to reviewing a product.

Those who are your everyday normies are the best people to listen to, especially if they have it in their possession. Better yet, if they are not sponsored because everyone is an influencer.

Here on my blog, everything is genuine as it is my blog.

With prices skyrocketing, I have made it a mission to look at alternative brands that sell the same, similar, or identical products. Most of these brands are either new to the scene or overlooked because of a society that seems only to buy what is forced down our throats. We were conditioned never to trust unknown brands. I want to review them.

If you are someone like myself, who purchase things that are needed, look for suitable products, or know that things break regardless of how well you take care of them, then you are my reader.

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