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Pregnancy After 40 | How Did That Happen?

As a woman over forty, I was used to infertility as an issue. After 15 years of infertility due to an ectopic pregnancy, it was an incredible surprise and blessing when I found out I was pregnant! In this post, we’ll talk about what types of changes I made that brought me this great surprise and what I suggest through my experience.

Do not take this as medical advice. I am telling you through experience what worked for me or is happening to me.

Lifestyle Changes

If you are new here, I would love to refer you to a post I published in December 2022. Making this drastic change helped my body heal from scars that had been taking over from the inside.

Build Good Habits

Building good habits involves more than learning to check things off the list. What I mean by good habits is eating right, getting physically active, and working on yourself.

Self-care is vital, even if you do not believe it is. If you feel sluggish, like I did, do a little workout at home. You do not need a crazy gym membership to get fit. Those are excuses to work on oneself from the comfort of their home.

There are many ways that people can work out at home and without a machine. You can use heavy materials in the house, and for sets like planking or squats, those only require a little to feel the gain.

As for diets, I was never a big sugar eater, so I cut it off completely. I used to think I needed sugar with my coffee every morning when I needed a little dairy. Some coffee, powerful ones, are very bitter. You would need an acquired taste to enjoy it.

I found the roasts I enjoyed and decided to open my own shop. These flavors are so rich, premium, and some so light that it makes drinking black coffee very bearable.

Don’t believe me? Come try it out by getting some samples.

Can You Get Pregnant Naturally after 40?

From my experience, yes! Nothing about my pregnancy was done unnaturally. I did not think it was possible because of everything I read, especially the low chance and high risk.

I am fortunate to say that I am in the 5% that fertility specialists quoted can get pregnant after forty. I know if it can happen to me, it can happen to you as long as you take care of yourself from the inside out.

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Here’s to you – the expecting mom over forty! You can do this! You can have a successful and healthy pregnancy with the proper knowledge and resources. Let’s get started!

Cheers to a healthy and happy pregnancy!

Sophal Heng is a freelance writer. When she is not writing and researching new topics, she spends time with her two cats and one lizard. As a full-time product reviewer and writer, she has compiled a warehouse of Amazon boxes. Besides shopping and writing, she is an avid grunge music and book lover.

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