Remote Work: Is There a Hidden Financial Drawback?

Remote Work: Is There a Hidden Financial Drawback?

Remote Work: Is there a hidden financial drawback? By Sophal Heng. That is a good question. Read on for my answer!

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Remote work: Is there a hidden financial drawback?

A good question that I never encountered even though I have been working from home since 2001. I guess I can finally share all I know.

After reading There is a Hidden Financial Drawback to Remote Working published on the Market Watch, I cannot help but wonder if the writer or researcher has ever worked from home or did taxes for a home office.

Pro Tip: The bigger your home office, the more energy is used. When you work from home, you can claim energy and housing as a work tax deduction. I have been doing that for years because of my earned income.

Another tip. You can claim anything relatable to your home office on your taxes if your employer is not paying for it but they need you to be ready, productive and working. This is the same concept as claiming dry cleaning because it is required by your job to dress up, prim and proper.

Anyways, let us dive into why remote work saves more money than heading into the office.


Commuting takes up money and time. Two things that are worthy of working from home.

You can save up on valuable sleep and get up refreshed each day. Unless you are a night owl like me, you can still sleep whenever and make it into work two minutes before you are supposed to get productive.

Not only is sleep an asset for your wellbeing and makes work less stressful, but it can also make the day become less overwhelmed.

When I was working in a corporate setting, my commute was an hour each way and I had to get up an extra hour early to settle my affairs at home. In turn, I spent two to three hours getting situated before reaching the office.

If I had to do overtime, my workdays can end up a sixteen-hour day for six days a week. By working from home, I can put in as many hours as I needed and still feel fully rested for the next day.

I earn and save more when it comes to staying home. Plus, I get to enjoy the home I pay for including the things I purchased and such. I can turn on Netflix and have it running in the background as I continue working on projects before the deadline.

Being micromanaged is something that I do not miss.

Lunch is a lot healthier since I must prepare it myself instead of picking up food from a nearby joint and spending money that I should not just because I was rushing out of the house without packing a lunch.

Although I still refresh myself for the day, laundry can run its course throughout the day. The perks of traveling throughout the home instead of through a crowded street or sitting in traffic are the best commute if you ask me.

Less Distraction

I may have a distraction from family members entering in and out, but they cannot report me to a manager for being offensive if I yell at them for their intentional interruption over ‘do you know where I left my hat or my house keys??’

We all must admit that we treat family members differently and less professionally from how we must treat our colleagues. When you are in an office setting, you always have to weigh out your thought process because what you say to your co-workers can be misconstrued and taken out of context.

Just because you enjoy edgy jokes or make weird comments to friends and families does not make you a bad person at work, but if you show that side in an office, bad things can happen. Especially if you work in an environment where a safe space is needed.

Those things do not exist in my household so I can get work done and be myself around the people walking in and out of my workspace. The distractions from actual coworkers who come in and just want to chat are far worst than helping someone find a remote control.

At least once that item has been located, they can bug off.

Time Flies

Yes, this is the best part. Or worst. This depends on where you are in your projects and how far is your deadline.

I notice that when I worked in an office, I would always watch the clock. Ironically, I am always done with my projects earlier than most and since I am scheduled for a certain amount of hours, I have no choice but to pick up a new project, help others, or sit around and wait until my time is up.

When I am home, it is the complete opposite. I am halfway through my project and the time went from morning into the evening in the blink of an eye. I always catch myself wondering if I was taking my time too much but nevertheless, projects will always get completed before the day is over.

Sometimes I feel like I get way too comfortable being at home, so I am more likely to work at my own pace. If things get done, I should have no complaints, right?

Work from Anywhere

I have worked out of my kitchen, basement, office space, and even the car. There is no limit to where because most jobs only require you to have a good running laptop.

I find myself in bed, laptop on, and getting things done. My setup is great for my posture and comfort.

Here are some tools that I use for working from bed instead of moving around so many places.

That is basically all the things I find worthy of working from home. I know there are people struggling with this new lifestyle ever since the pandemic. They are having a hard time because they feel isolated.

Working from home is not for everyone. It requires discipline and yes, most days you will work alone, and your focus will be on completing your job. Not socializing. I have had many years separating work and pleasure, way before I got married.

I mentioned that because a lot of people wanted to point out how I am not feeling the wrath of this lifestyle because I am in a relationship. I just want to clarify that that is not the case. I have been working from the comfort of my home for seven years before I met my husband. He had to adapt to my schedule and understanding that there will be days he sees me sitting there ignoring him. He had to understand that my priority is work during the day and we can schedule an evening time together.

I am not going to lie to you and said it was a smooth transition.

He did not understand it and became a thorn in my side about this whole thing for over four years. He finally got it and now he just comes in asking if I made lunch or something to get my attention for five minutes.

He is worse than a child but it’s fine. You must understand that sometimes when people want your attention, it just means they miss you or they are bored. Half of the time, he is just bored. We all compromise somewhere.

That is all I have for today. Check out some relatable articles that I posted in the links below. Do not forget to join the blog squad for future updates straight to your email! Until next time, I will talk to you soon!

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