Resources for bloggers by Sophal Heng. Resources for bloggers can be found all over the internet. The question is, where?

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The mainstream platform is not the only place to build a community.

For every podcast, there is a community. For every YouTube channel, there is a community. For every writer, there is one for you too. I can go on and on about this topic but let us stick to blogging for today. You are more than welcome to ask about other communities in the comment below.

Now let us begin.

Blogging Resources That Are Great

While building a community is good, each writer needs to find ways to create new content. In this list, I will include communities for beginners and places to go for contents that have a variety of niche to choose from. It is also a great place to promote your work and get the attention that you need.


AllTops is a feed station. You can add different websites to stay up to date with articles published specifically from these websites instead of searching around.

You can add RSS feeds from blogs you personally want to follow or choose from popular RSS feeds.

Who should use this:

  1. Topic related coverage
  2. Trending topics writers

WordPress Readers

I use WordPress Readers a lot more than other sites. This is my stomping ground when looking for new blogs to follow. It is what the title claims: a WordPress reader.

It is a collection of different sites that you would normally find when searching on major search engines. If you are interested in a more personal and relatable blog read, this is the place for you.

It also allows you to follow different blogs just like you would on Twitter or Facebook. It brings on a community feels as opposed to just promotional ads and such. You can search different blogs by searching up tags or topics.

If I am in the mood to look for poetry, I can find it here. Many different styles of writing and many different communities. It is highly recommended by me.

Who should use this:

  1. Community seekers
  2. Those looking to make legit connections with other bloggers
  3. WordPress users

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Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee acts as the title claims. It helps your post go viral.

It is remarkably like AllTops and WordPress with a little incentive. The concept reminds me of Empire Kred as much as the two mentioned.

This is a site that gives you credit for sharing other people’s work through different social outlets that you belong to. It is limited to Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and Pinterest for the time being. I do see Mix and Flipboard, but I do not see how much you earn from sharing on these platforms.

I am still browsing the network and have tested Pinterest sharing, which earned me 4 credits. I have yet to share my content on the VCB dashboard.

Since you are bidding the shares (which means anyone can earn allotted credits that you made available), you want to make sure that the post you share is something worthy of obtaining readers.

I would suggest creating extraordinary content to create a buzz and build your audience from there.

Who should use this:

  1. Someone who is looking to create viral contents
  2. Looking to increase organic traffic
  3. Loves sharing other people’s work to grow viewership


Triberr reminds me of Tailwind App minus the sharing restrictions. I have not shared anything on Triberr yet and am still messing around, testing out the free account for thirty days and then heading over to a premium service.

With the free account, I am only allowed to share one of my blogs when I have five.

Back to what this site is all about.

If you are interested in getting more eyes on your work, this is a great place for you once you join a tribe. At this moment, I could not review any of the tribes I am following because it is taking a while to load. Sounds like a server issue, which was a deal-breaker for me when I was using Tailwind App. This only means my review of this product will be postponed for another date.

From what I am gathering so far, here are the price to play on this website.

Blog Engage

Blog Engage focuses on just that. Engagement in your blog. I have used it to promote my YouTube videos and it brought in great traffic along with new subscribers but that is a conversation for another time.

Brian, who runs Blog Engage, is incredibly supportive and great with any issues you have. That is a plus.

You can build a great following by helping each other upvote new submissions. I have submitted plenty of articles and videos, so I know for a fact that you can submit as many posts as your heart desires. It is also great to respond to people and share your thoughts. Build rapport with the community and it will work in your favor.

Who should use this:

  1. Anyone looking to build a community
  2. Someone who writes a lot and wants to promote
  3. Content creators

What Now?

There are a lot more platforms and sites that can help any beginner blogger get their foot in the door, which I will cover in another post – but these are the sites that I am currently using or working on.

The main takeaway in all of this is to use one platform for now and get the hang of things. You do not want to sign up for thousands and get overwhelmed. You want to work on a community, reap its benefits, and see if you will continue to stay.

Jumping around will do you no good. That is my advice for you.

If you want to know more about future resources that I will cover, join the blog squad. Sign up for the newsletters and once I upload a new post, you will be the first to know!

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