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Smoke-Free and Weening off Social Media Posting

Yes, you read that right. Two days ago was my third month anniversary of freeing myself from the confinement of nicotine.

I told myself that if I could do that after 29 years, I could do anything. I have free will.
Now I am weening myself off randomly posting all hours of the day, creating free content for social media platforms without anything to promote or market.

Now, I will flood my website with daily thoughts and keep a record of all my crazy opinion while passively making income through ad revenue.

A penny for your thoughts. – Google Adsense

Amazon Vine Voice

While I can sit here all day and work effortlessly on building my grand, I have things that require my attention today. I will still jot down my thoughts as I go along.

I have been invited to join the Vine program since October 2022 and have been shopping nonstop. I have redecorated almost my entire home with Vine products, so I will work on basic data entry to get my product review up today.

You can find the link to my Amazon profile at the top right corner or click the image below.

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Amazon Vine Voice Profile

I will also share my thoughts about the products and how I combine them on this site.
Not only will that give me a reason to write more, but it will also give me a reason to work on my photography skills that I have been meaning to connect—my creative side.

Challenge For Myself

I have an insatiable appetite for sharing my thoughts the minute it pops up, so I will jot them down throughout the day and share them every morning.

Write it and forget about it.

Sleep on it and then go over it the next day before I do anything else. This is something that I need to work on because it takes me away from things that I need to get done. At least I know by morning I will share them with the world, and like before, I am not too concerned with who the audience is on the other end. I like to yell things out loud to make them make sense. Did that make any sense?

It could be the extrovert in me.

You can also check out the other challenge I gave myself.

In conclusion, social media is a must-have if you are an independent creator or a blogger. I am taking charge of free marketing. I am merely putting a stop to a bad habit of ignoring my writing goals and priorities because something came up, and I MUST share it. If I learn some self-control by writing them all down on a piece of paper or saving a draft for this website, it will allow me time to sit on the message before I add my thoughts.

I want to lean into crafting my work instead of randomly tossing bread to an empty street. I have a lot of things that I can write, but I need to learn to control my schedule, register at a better pace, and create a complete thought around these messages.
It is easier to write it out and watch people walk away uninterested. Still, it takes skills to share something meaningful and draw a crowd.

That is all I have for today. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be back to get some more thoughts off my chest later. Ciao for now.

Sophal Heng is a freelance writer. When she is not writing and researching new topics, she spends time with her two cats and one lizard. As a full-time product reviewer and writer, she has compiled a warehouse of Amazon boxes. Besides shopping and writing, she is an avid grunge music and book lover.

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