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Third writing so far for the day as I am waiting on the submission approval. I am quite interested in how the submission process works. While I wait, let’s continue our conversation.

I am naturally a curious cat.

When I am introduced to something new that involves writing and freelancing, I always search up other people’s experience.

Do I ever agree with what I read? No.

There is a reason for that. Everyone experiences differently. While one person may search for ways to make money online because they want to build a career, there is someone like me who enjoys sharing thoughts. The money is just extra.

As I was searching for a submission response time frame, I came across a Reddit post called “Is ‘Vocal Media’ Legit?” The question was deleted but there was a response from someone who has experience submitting to Vocal. Media that was interesting and helpful.

Since this was a three-year-old response, things may have changed, but that’s not why I shared this.

Is Freelancing for You?

I have been a freelance writer for over 20 years and I can tell you that freelance writing is not for everyone. For one, everyone complains a lot about how much money they are truly worth.

Freelancing can become a career, but it should be something you build your finances around. Meaning, if you work hard. You are paid hard. There will be some days where you will not make anything. Then there will be months where you can just relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Understanding your analytics and where your traffic is coming from is the best way to study your performance. You can also find out what topic works best for you. As a freelancer, you do not rely on writing for other people. You rely on writing for yourself and your audience.

Platforms like Vocal.Media and most ezines community just give you a place to attract more readers, which is why they allow you to publish work that you published elsewhere. It does not mean they have very low standards or confidence in what you want to share with the world.

People who complain about how much they make as a freelancer have never pushed their creativity or is just lazy to promote their own work.

Freelance Payments/ Adsense

Most people look down on writing platforms that require you to have a large number of traffic to get paid. They complain about the CPM rules and how slowly it picks up. Yet, most do not understand that unless you create quality content and promote yourself, your traffic will be stagnant.

Most people rely on platforms they ‘publish’ on to bring in the traffic when in actuality, the person should have an idea on how to pull in their own traffics. It is easy but it takes time and patience.

If you understand your niche, you will understand which social media platform will benefit you. I will compile a list of places for any beginning writer to share their work on. First, let me wait to see how long the submission process is. Then we can carry on from there.

Until then, thanks for reading my thoughts.

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