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Web Design Snob and Ranting About Plans

For my first post, I could quickly write about something I found on the web or a conversation I had earlier in the day, but I want to make my first post short and sweet.


The simple answer is I am testing the website design. I do not want to go through the whole first draft, edit, and create a banner design to feel like it doesn’t fit the vibe of the page. Knowing whether the design matches the feel of the website’s purpose will only happen once you have at least two pages of posts published. It gives you an idea of how to structure and design the layout.

Web Design Snob

Self-awareness is my specialty. I have a problem when it comes to designing my website, and that is why I gave up planning it. I prefer to pick a template that fits my mood at the moment. I said the ‘mood’ at the moment because if not, I would be scrolling through all the themes, and by the time I pick one, I would be so lazy to write, so I end up never writing at all.

By the time I am back on my site to publish a new post, I end up changing something with the design, and all of a sudden, I am revamping the whole area.

It is a bad habit when all I want to do is write and get rid of writer’s block. My block was due to not being satisfied with what I had, or maybe I was making excuses not to keep going.

I need to prove that I want to write as much as I tell myself.

Combating Writers Block with Writing Something

Writing about everything is the best way to eliminate writers’ fatigue.

Here I am.
I am writing.
I am writing about anything.

There! I accomplished something today. I might have to start a countdown ticker on this website to see how long in between each post I go into writers dormant. Hmm, that may be useful.

Logical Messaging in 500 words or More

That will be the goal. I cannot post anything with less than 500 words. Although it might sound simple, the challenge will include logical, structured, complete thoughts. Trust me. Even though I wish to type out word vomit and hope it makes sense to someone, I still have some literal standard, haha.

Challenge For Myself

I want to give myself a challenge. The punishment will have to fit the crime. I am still determining what it is, but my next post will have to discuss this and how I should plan it out.

Yes, I am planning my punishment. I must be bored. I am either bored or just a sad person. I am not a tragically sad person, so yes. I am bored.

My challenge will be to post at least three posts a week. Along with these posts should include:

x Images I took and edited myself
x Create substances
x Share in my tone and voice, avoiding these new rules for blogging
x Create keywords and SEO

I would usually end my posts with a thought-provoking conclusion and ask you what you think about my post. Unfortunately, that is part of those new rules that is the most boring way to create engagement. I need to come up with something new, but until then, I will post a new thought soon.

One post down, ten thousand more to go! Ciao!

Sophal Heng is a freelance writer. When she is not writing and researching new topics, she spends time with her two cats and one lizard. As a full-time product reviewer and writer, she has compiled a warehouse of Amazon boxes. Besides shopping and writing, she is an avid grunge music and book lover.

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