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Welcome new readers. Sophal Heng. It’s been a while since I post but let us discuss upcoming projects for this website.

It has been a while since my last post and I apologize for the lateness. I am fortunate to have a full-time job during this pandemic. I have been finding the perfect balance to continue working, maintain my personal life and run this blog. Therefore, I am going to put more effort into focusing on articles written about balancing your personal life and making money regardless of where it is: on or offline.

Not only will we talk about balance, we will talk about budgeting, life tips, life advice, and self-improvement; I will also introduce everyone to new tools that can help you manage these things and allow you the convenience of not doing too much.

Before we go into topics, I would like to pledge some goals for myself. You guys will hold me accountable for this. Here are some things that I plan on working on and I plan on giving myself weekly deadlines.

Build Habits

I have heard the idea that bad habits are easier to keep than good habits because it makes a person feel good. I have formed nothing but good habits and it makes me feel good, so are my good habits actually bad?

That is a question that I would like answered but we can dig deeper into habitual philosophy in another post.

Right now, I want to focus on building and creating better habits for myself. My so-called ‘bad’ habit is allowing myself to wander off in the mind, asking questions you read before this.

Once I ponder about things that are not relevant to what I want to discuss or write about, I take away from completing my goals on time. I usually always finish but like Alice, my curiosity is endless. Once I go down a rabbit hole, I have to fight to find my way back.

Sometimes a pleasant reminder and incentive always help keep my focus.

A habit that I plan on working on this week includes not spreading myself too thin. Give me time to grow on one task until I perfect it before moving on. I have a habit of doing too many things at once, hoping to cut out the white noise. Not only does that keep me distracted. I lose focus on the bigger picture and why I wanted to accomplish this task from the beginning.

That will be it. I am not giving myself any more goals in habit building until I completed this one.

Budget Wisely

I have been doing good with budgeting, but now that I am moving in a month, I will create a fixed budget. One thing that I spend a lot of money on is eating out because I cannot cook in my home. There are many people with sensitivity to scent, so I always end up picking up food or using DoorDash.

I plan on a $500 food budget for the month. I would do a lower budget but I have four weeks until I move into my new place, so I know I will go over the budget easily. $500 is doable.

Read More

With so much going on, I do plan on spending at least one day out of the week reading a book. This will be helpful for my review section that is sitting there collecting dust. I have ignored my kindle for a few months and I should never do that.

So let us add reading once a week into this week’s accomplishment.

Write More

On weekdays, I want to spend an hour a day after work to sit down and draft an article for this website. I want to have a post published and shared at least once a day. Not only will it be good for the website’s insight, but it will also help get the thoughts I have in my head out and relieve me of some of my curiosity.

That is one of the reasons I started writing and hanging out on social media. I have so many questions and I ask them daily. It comes off sounding gibberish sometimes, but when I write it out, I can re-read my thoughts and edit it to make sense.

Therefore, I should have at least seven posts published between now, September 19 – September 25. If not, then I’ll come up with something to punish myself that I will not enjoy, like listening to Cardi B for 24 hours until I learn my lesson.

Improve This Website

I have a habit of changing the theme of my website every time I get the chance, which I should never do but I am going to make today the last day of the year to change my theme (only because Google sent me a message that my theme is too wide for mobile).

I need to find a theme that will help improve my website because there are some themes that do not work well with Google’s search engine.

Edit: I just checked the mobile layout along with the browser layout and it works perfectly, so I am going to keep this theme only because it is simple, minimal, and straight to the point. Sometimes Google can be wrong, so listen to your better judgment.

Aside from themes, I want to connect my website to a social network that fits my target audience and helps me find like-minded individuals.

Therefore, I am going to discontinue the usage of many social networks. I’ll fill you in on which social media network is good for my type of content: lifestyle blogging.

Ending Thoughts

Use these goals if you believe you need them. Sometimes I read other people’s goals and I did not know that it was something that was lacking in my life as well as theirs. Therefore, connecting with people is so important because whether you want to believe it, everyone has the same issues, but we all deal with them differently.

Come back and check out my updates. If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter or follow this blog, use the link below to sign up. I would love to have you join the blog squad. Once you sign up, please say hi! This shows that you are not a bot, which means I will not waste my time commenting on your blog if you have a website.

(Most of my following came from Word press Readers if that made any sense to you lol)

To everyone else who is not a blogger, welcome! Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you here again soon! Ciao for now.

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