A few weeks ago, I gave my two cents about Writer’s Work on a Facebook post and the amount of inquiry about this platform was amazingly overwhelming. This pushed me to write this article. Hopefully, this will clear the air around what this platform is about and whether it is for you.

What Is Writer’s Work?

There seems to be a misunderstanding of what Writers’ Work is. Most of the questions that I get were, “How much do they pay? Are they legit?”

First and foremost, Writers Work is not an employer. Their landing page clearly states that it is an all-in-one platform for launching your dream job, which is freelance writing in exchange for money, I hope.

The writer’s work does not employ individuals. It is a job board that includes tools to help you get where you need to go.

Writer’s Work Dashboard

For transparency, I have included a screenshot of what the dashboard looks like once you signed up to become a member.

It is simple to navigate and is clean. User friendly.

The tools that they offer for members include:

  1. Writing stats such as character typed, words typed, and how much time you spent typing.
  2. Creation of projects, tasks, and documents to stay organized and go back to when needed.
  3. Client orders that you can keep track of.
  4. Jobs and submissions that the platform curated for you between different job sites. You have to read the requirements of these clients before pitching your work to them. Some clients do require a good length of publication history, a degree in communication, and experience. Rarely did I come across a job that does not ask for those qualifications.
  5. The University tab is a self-paced slide show on how to use this platform and what they have to offer. If you are familiar with freelance writing, the information can be daunting until you get to module three where you will find good advice on how to pitch your work.
  6. Premium courses are available for members at a discounted price. There are only two that teach you how to jumpstart your freelance writing career and a beginner’s guide to writing for the web. I have been a lifetime member for three years now and to be honest, I have never taken these courses. I might in the near future just to see what kind of information I will receive that I have never heard of before.

What Do I Like About Writer’s Work?

The job board is promising. I have been a freelance writer for 22 years and I can tell you that this job board has been great. I do not have to go far to search for work. Although I do have a problem with the dashboard.

It does not update regularly and some of the jobs are expired by the time I get to it, even though it still appears as a feature post.

Writers Work also gives you access to a portfolio section to showcase your work and the services you are providing. I haven’t updated a lot on my portfolio but after this article, I will.

This portfolio can be shared anywhere you wish. I shared it on my link tree account, so this way it is grouped together with all my social platforms. Most importantly, it is shared in the Writer’s Work marketplace.

I do not know how reliable their writer’s market is because I have only been contacted by two people who were not responsive. When I checked the database of users, it remains the same at 4081 writers for three years.

That seems a little suspect if you ask me.

Besides that, I love their writing tool.

This is a screenshot of this article before publication. I find myself using this tool for all my writings.

  • The writing timer can be found on the top right
  • Background noise sound to keep you in the mood for writing. The sounds include outdoor serenity, busy cafe, Winterfell, Hogwarts library, and peaceful thunder. I use the busy cafe a lot. All I need is my headphones and I am drifting away to neverland.
  • A readability score is a good tool if you are looking for a little critique in your writing style. If you are someone who gets discouraged easily by a little AI feedback, you might want to avoid that option altogether. It will lead you away from adding a personal tone to your work.

Now Let’s Talk Price

There are two options for payments. You can go with the monthly route of $15 a month for access to this platform or you can buy it out as a lifetime for $47 and never pay a cent again. It stated that the $47 is a limited-time offer but that was the same price I paid three years ago.

No biggie.

I paid for the lifetime because I knew I would use the dashboard a lot especially the task management, writing tool, and the job board. As for the writer’s marketplace, I could care less about it. I think $47 is a good price especially since I paid more for a Scrivener app that I use to store a lot of my writing. That app does not include readability scores or a management system.

There are other writers’ apps that I came across years before Writers Work which cost a lot more than the lifetime membership with Writers Work. Instead of purchasing the same tools that are offered on this platform from different companies and jumping around when I need them, I appreciate knowing that all of my tools are under one roof.

Is It Worth It?

For the jobs? It all depends on how motivated you are in your search to find work. These things require efforts on your behalf to make it work.

For the tools? Certainly! I would recommend the lifetime membership just for the dashboard alone. It is a time saver and you will not regret it.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Writer’s Work. This review is from my personal experience and no referral sign-up link is made available. If you would like to join the platform, you can do so by visiting their website down below.

Writers Work | Write Your Way to the Life You Want

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